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Tektoseal® Active PFAS

Pollutant barriers for per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS)

Tektoseal Active PFAS combines the advantages of geotextiles with proven, particularly reliable pollutant adsorbents. In this way, you can reliably secure and remediate contaminated soils with the help of Tektoseal Active PFAS. Our large-area, permeable contaminant barriers can be installed evenly and erosion-proof on and in soils and even underwater. The fast reaction kinetics and high binding capacity of the adsorbents allow reliable application to a wide range of PFAS pollutants. Thanks to the fast pollutant absorption, it is possible to build a very thin and at the same time safe pollutant filter, which makes your project even more sustainable.

An application is possible for contaminated sites with short and long chain per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances such as PFOA, PFOS, PFNA, PFHxA, PFHxS, PFBS and PFBA PFPeA. Our selective ion exchange resin has a demonstrably much higher pollutant absorption capacity than e.g. mineral adsorbers or many other alternative solutions on the market. If the focus of individual remediation measures is on long-chain PFAS in particular, the use of selected activated carbon can also yield advantages. Which active substance has the best properties should be investigated on a project-specific basis. Thanks to our broad portfolio of active substances, the optimal selection can be made for each project. For a more in-depth analysis of your project-specific problem and product configuration, our team of experts will be happy to assist you at any time.

Our Tektoseal Active PFAS product solutions

High performance for short and long chain PFAS

Special high-performance textiles and the selective ion exchange resin ensure the highest pollutant absorption capacity for a wide range of applications.

Alternative solution for long chain PFAS

High-performance textiles and selected activated carbon form a pollutant barrier for selected applications.

High performance for short and long chain PFAS pollutant applications
with special ion exchanger

Our product solution of technical geotextiles combined with the special ion exchanger as active substance can be used for almost every short- and long-chain per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substance (PFAS) and used safely in the long term. PFAS pollutants, i.e. sulphonic and carboxylic acids, are permanently and reliably bound by ion exchange and adsorption. The use of active geocomposites enables soil remediation with the help of passive soil decontamination.

Эффективное удаление PFAS с эффективностью >99,9%
Removal of all PFAS congeners with a 99.9% proven effectiveness (tested at concentration range between < 1 - 4000 µg/L).
Эффективное связывание ПФАС и высокая нагрузочная способность
With a proven capacity of up to 4000 µg/g, Tektoseal Active PFAS has a much higher contaminant binding capacity than many other adsorbents.
Быстрая скорость сорбции ПФАС (<3 минут)
Very fast sorption rate of less than 3 minutes allows use at comparatively high leachate flow rates.
Сильный: чрезвычайно высокая прочность связывания с ПФАС
Extremely high binding strength ensures that less than 0.1% of the bound PFAS are released again (desorption). Only this level of performance can guarantee a long longevity for the solution.
Постоянная защита и повторное использование загрязненных почв
The durability of our materials makes it possible to protect or even reuse contaminated soils in structures over long periods of time while at the same time passively decontaminating the soil happens with the help of natural precipitation.
Доказано безопасное применение для свалочных фильтратов
Our active geocomposite has been proven to be ideal for landfill leachate applications with mixed contaminants.

Highest effectiveness and excellent pollutant protection confirmed by third party laboratories

Third party laboratories evidence shows that our highly efficient geocomposites with special ion exchanger have been proven to remove both short and long chain PFAS better than many other mineral adsorbents. Desorption at a later stage is also excluded due to the extremely high binding strength.


  • Immediate binding of short and long chain carbon and sulfonic acids
  • Highest capacity both at low and very high PFAS concentrations in the eluate
  • Exclusion of later desorption due to strong binding between the pollutant and the active substance


The high effectiveness of Tektoseal Active PFAS was also proven in column tests. Here it is shown that Tektoseal Active reliably absorbs the pollutants already at the first leachate contact with high PFAS concentrations. As soon as the PFAS-enriched eluate passes the pollutant filter, the chemicals are reliably absorbed in the active geocomposite (see graph on the left).  In this way, the soil is reliably cleaned successively until it is completely washed out. We would also be happy to carry out the test with your project-specific soil sample. We look forward to hearing from you!

Pollutant binding through ion exchange and adsorption

Уникальный состав материала Tektoseal® Active PFAS
Специальный ионообменник в Tektoseal® Active PFAS
Special ion exchanger
Высокая емкость за счет ионного обмена и адсорбции в Tektoseal® Active PFAS
High capacities due to ion exchanger and adsorption
Универсальность для ПФАС в Tektoseal® Active PFAS
For all short- and long-chain carboxylic and sulphonic acids
Специальный ионообменник в Tektoseal® Active PFAS
Special ion exchanger
Высокая емкость за счет ионного обмена и адсорбции в Tektoseal® Active PFAS
High capacities due to ion exchanger and adsorption
Универсальность для ПФАС в Tektoseal® Active PFAS
For all short- and long-chain carboxylic and sulphonic acids

The alternative solution with selected activated carbon for long-chain PFAS pollutant applications

Depending on the challenges on site, a Tektoseal Active product variant with activated carbon can also lead to effective contaminant removal. The many boundary conditions in the remediation of PFAS issues mean that the selection of the optimum adsorber is generally not trivial, but should be determined in advance with the aid of preliminary tests. Primarily long-chain PFAS compounds are bound reliably and over the long term with activated carbon. Here, too, it can generally be used on land and in water.

  • Isolation and passive decontamination of soils and sediments on land and underwater

  • Activated Carbon is well known as an highly efficient adsorbent of organic pollutants

  • Large surface area leads to high binding and pollutant absorption capacity

  • Reactivation of activated carbon after removal is generally possible

  • Project-specific product configuration for highest performance

  • With PFAS issues, not all activated carbon have the same effectiveness. The right choice makes the difference

Possible applications for Tektoseal Active PFAS

Together we always find the best possible product configuration for your project!

Due to the complex natural interrelationships of contaminants, water and soil properties, and adsorption behavior of the active substances, configuring the optimal active geocomposite is not always trivial. With our expertise and laboratory know-how, we support you to find the best-performing solution consisting of special geotextiles and a broad and unique portfolio of active substances. We are glad to run project-specific preliminary tests to gain effectiveness analyses for you. With our holistic services for complex engineering projects, we ensure that “your” Tektoseal Active product solution is as optimally adapted as possible to the conditions on site and can therefore be used safely in the long term.

Your product configuration kit
Everything for your Tektoseal Active PFAS contaminant barrier
  • Woven geotextiles as carrier layer

  • Nonwoven geotextiles as cover or carrier layer

  • Modified selective resin (Ion exchange plus adsorption)

  • Activated Carbon

Геоткань в конфигурации продукта Tektoseal Active PFAS
Нетканый геотекстиль в конфигурации продукта Tektoseal Active PFAS
Modified selective resin
Ионообменник в конфигурации продукта Tektoseal Active PFAS
Activated carbon
Активированный уголь в конфигурации продукта Tektoseal Active PFAS