Крупногабаритный фильтр загрязняющих веществ Tektoseal® Active геокомпозиты для защиты почвы и грунтовых вод
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Tektoseal® Active

The large-area pollutant barriers for almost every application

Tektoseal Active are active geocomposites installed as large-area pollutant filters resp. pollutant barriers for soil and groundwater protection as well as for contaminated site protection. They reliably remove pollutants and allow the cleaned carrier medium (water, soil air, landfill gas, etc.) to pass through. The areal filters provide uniform and erosion-proof pollutant filter layers over large areas.

The active geocomposites allow passive water treatment of e.g. contaminated leachate, pore water, drainage and traffic runoff water, etc. Contamination of soils and groundwater by inorganic, organic or petrochemical pollutants is thus prevented. Pollutant carryover from already contaminated soils and sediments is also prevented by filtering out pollutants washed out by precipitation or groundwater pressure. In the process, the soil body is also successively decontaminated/passively cleaned as more and more contaminants are flushed into the contaminant filter over time and safely adsorbed or absorbed.

All in all, Tektoseal Active offers you solutions for almost any pollutant situation and surface requirements.

Контроль загрязняющих веществ в интересах здоровья и окружающей среды
Contribution to health and environmental protection by interrupting the pollutant action pathways
Точная установка с постоянной толщиной слоя
Fast installation with constant and permanently safe layer thickness
Обеспечение сохранности загрязняющих веществ на территории предприятия и сокращение их транспортировки
Reduction of transport by securing soil on site
Контроль загрязняющих веществ для оптимизации качества воды
Increasing water quality
Контроль загрязняющих веществ для безопасного хранения грунта и отложений
Protection of polluted soils and sediments with passive soil decontamination at the same time
Эффективный контроль загрязняющих веществ для экономии CO2 и материалов
Saving mineral layers and CO2 while maintaining high efficiency

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