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Our product solutions at a glance

Incomat Pipeline Cover

Incomat Pipeline Cover (IPC) is a geotextile concrete formwork mattress with factory-fitted industrial zips for rapid pipe encasement. The IPC system sets itself apart from concrete encasements installed with conventional formwork systems through its much faster, cost-effective application. Factory prefabrication of the geotextile formwork eliminates the need for any elaborate shuttering on site. At the same time, the straightforward Installation of our tailored units and optimisation of concreting operations save valuable construction time and Speed up the progress of the works. Thanks to their custom manufacture, our pipe encasement systems can also readily accommodate pipeline bends and varying pipe diameters. IPC has already underlined its credentials on numerous major projects, such as the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP).

  • Reliable protection against buoyancy
  • No need for elaborate formwork assemblies around the pipe
  • High precision prefabrication for virtually any pipe diameter
  • Progress of works accelerated at relatively low cost
  • No impairment of cathodic protection

Pipe Encasement with Nonwoven

Our protective nonwovens are made from mechanically bonded staple fibres. They serve either a simple protective function or as an additional safeguard between the pipeline and other elements installed to prevent buoyancy or uplift. They guard the pipe coating against scratches and other damage. The materials are supplied in rolls and are easily cut to size, allowing fast, efficient Installation.

  • Straightforward mechanical protection for all ground conditions
  • High thermal resistance
  • No impairment of cathodic protection
  • Suitable for use in soils with 3 ≤ pH ≤ 13

Geosynthetic-Reinforced Bedding Cushion

To prevent the displacement of pipelines, HUESKER’s Basetrac geosynthetic products can be used for the rapid installation of reinforced soil cushions to create a reliable pipe bedding. By providing an efficient means of constructing a strong and sound base for pipelines, the Basetrac range helps to cut construction times and costs.

  • Reliable pipe bedding for heavy pipes in soft soils
  • Lower excavation depth for pipe trench
  • Savings on labour and material transportation
  • Progress of works accelerated at low cost

Basetrac geocomposite ballasting

Factors such as large pipe diameters, high water tables and low soil cover make the job of installing or refurbishing pipelines particularly challenging. Where measures are needed to prevent pipeline buoyancy or uplift, then a simple geosynthetic overlay in conjunction with soil fill offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution. Our system comprises a wrapped-back Basetrac geocomposite that can be filled with locally sourced excavation material. Even in case of only shallow soil cover, this solution provides reliable protection against buoyancy and uplift.

  • Suitable for all types of pipe and large diameters
  • Protection against buoyancy/uplift and mechanical action
  • Suitable for low soil cover
  • Straightforward installation to speed up progress of works
  • Easy to retrofit

Incomat concrete mattress system

The Incomat concrete mattress can be used wherever protection against buoyancy, uplift and mechanical Actions is required above the pipeline. Unlike conventional solutions, the formwork mattress can also be laid directly on top of the previously installed pipeline and filled with liquid concrete. The mattress ensures a constant concrete section. The unique manufacturing method, involving the incorporation of vertical ties, gives the geotextile encasement a unique dimensional stability. This dimensional stability guarantees a constant concrete cross section even under difficult installation conditions, e.g. with uneven bases or underwater applications. The concrete filled units, which are quick to install and custom-fabricated for each project, adapt perfectly to the shape of the pipeline and surrounding geometry.

  • Protection against buoyancy/uplift and mechanical action
  • Project-specific customisation
  • Fast, resource-efficient installation
  • Maximum dimensional stability for constant concrete cross-section
  • Underwater installation possible

Erosion Protection for Waterbodies

Where pipelines run below waterbody beds that are susceptible to erosion, it is advisable to take measures to prevent their exposure and the consequent risk of damage. Incomat concrete mattresses offer an easy, reliable and quick-to-install solution for lining and sealing watercourses, even under operating conditions. By preventing the gradual erosion of riverbeds, the mattresses provide lasting protection for pipelines. The HUESKER range includes both permeable and near-impermeable, certified mattresses. Plantable solutions are also available to provide a safe and natural looking form of erosion control on slopes. Here too, HUESKER offers customfabricated products to meet project-specific requirements.

  • Fast, resource-efficient installation
  • Constant concrete cross-section, also on uneven base
  • Underwater installation possible
  • Reliable protection, even against anchor impact

Warning System over Pipelines

Pipelines running through built-up or agricultural areas require robust and conspicuous warning safeguards to prevent damage, e.g. from excavators or farming equipment. Here, HUESKER’s flexible, high-tensile Fortrac PipeGuard geogrid offers an uncomplicated and reliable solution. This biaxial geogrid can be supplied in project-specific widths and with country specific warning messages. The special polymer coating guarantees high durability in virtually all soil types. Delivery in rolls and the product’s flexibility make the installation process far more straightforward than with PE-HD warning panels. The grid is simple to transport and unroll. Long grid sections can be easily joined, leaving fewer overlaps and fewer material offcuts.

  • Maximum protection thanks to high tensile strength
  • High durability in virtually all soil types
  • Easy handling to speed up installation
  • Project-specific product configuration

Temporary Base Reinforcement

Base course reinforcement measures are typically required to ensure the trouble free progress of works by heavy plant on ground that is inadequate or difficult to negotiate. The Basetrac product family caters for such applications with a range of geosynthetics that offer maximum resistance even to high mechanical loads. They facilitate the fast and straightforward construction of haul roads, pipeline crossings, storage areas and working platforms. Use of the robust materials allows the base course thickness to be significantly reduced while simplifying the logistical effort and shortening construction times. The installed base course construction is also easy to remove. With the BaseCalculator, which is available free of charge on the HUESKER website, only a few clicks are needed to calculate project-specific base course thicknesses and to select suitable products.

  • Safe accommodation of high loads
  • High deformation resistance
  • Separation of base course material and subgrade
  • Reduction in required base course thickness
  • Fast installation and removal

Groundwater Protection

As for other types of work, the progressive tightening of groundwater protection requirements placed on Pipeline construction is fuelling the need for more effective and economical product solutions. The active geocomposite Tektoseal Active AS combines a high-performance, oil-absorbent polymer with mechanically stable geotextiles. The oil-absorbent mat binds petrochemical products while remaining permeable to rainwater. Tektoseal Active AS can be utilised in all unpaved areas where there is a risk of oil or petrol infiltration into the groundwater zone, e.g. at temporary machinery locations, in parking and maintenance areas, and in conjunction with transportable tanks. The product is supplied in rolls, is easy to store and can be readily cut to size on site, thus allowing fast Installation and removal.

  • Reliable oil absorption over full area
  • Straightforward, flexible installation
  • Small rolls allow on-site storage in container units
  • Oil binder certified in Germany

Steep Slopes and Retaining Strucutres for Pipeline Construction

Plant installations, such as compressor stations, that need to be built on or near steep slopes require a sound and cost-effective construction concept. In such cases, GRS systems can be used to build extra steep, low Settlement and settlement resistant slopes. This inexpensive method excels by its fast and simple construction. Layers of geosynthetic reinforcement are installed perpendicular to steep slopes or vertical walls at constant intervals in conjunction with soil material for the purpose of creating a stable composite structure. Thanks to its extremely high strength, the Fortrac geogrid serves to increase the bearing capacity of the structure, even for very steep inclinations. Another attractive feature of our Fortrac Systems is the wide variety of landscaping options for the slope face, which include natural vegetation, gabions and prefabricated panels.

  • Construction of extra steep, reinforced slopes
  • Rapid installation and cost effective site operations
  • Provision for slope inclinations between 30° and 90°
  • Planting possible for inclinations not exceeding 70°

Geotextile Encased Columns

Particularly at sites with difficult ground conditions and extremely weak soils or in earthquake regions, reliable ground improvement measures are frequently required to provide a strong base for oil tanks and similar structures. The Ringtrac foundation system takes the form of a regular arrangement of columns comprising noncohesive material placed inside a geosynthetic casing. The structural action of the geotextile casing transforms granular columns into high-capacity loadbearing elements. The columns can be installed more or less independently of the level of lateral support provided by the soft strata to create a ductile structural system. The horizontal reinforcement above the columns, provided by the Stabilenka geotextile woven, facilitates the transmission of structural loads to the columns and promotes global structural stability.

  • Adaptability to local conditions and loads
  • Use of locally sourced soils as column fill
  • Almost all settlement takes place within the construction period
  • Full loadability immediately after completion
  • Globally established and implemented installation method

Slope Stabilisation

Slopes over which pipelines are routed require the best possible protection against erosion and soil slippage. The same applies for earthworks built over pipelines, where measures are also needed to support durable vegetation. Here, HUESKER’s flexible, high-tensile Fortrac 3D geogrid delivers the prime solution. Driving forces are accommodated and diverted, thereby preventing slope veneer soil slippage. The 3D mesh structure ensures good soil retention and promotes plant growth on slopes by offering strong and permanent support for roots. Fortrac guarantees high stability even under heavy rain events. Soil loss is reduced by approximately 80% on unplanted slopes exposed to rain intensities of 50 mm/m².

  • Excellent soil retention, even under high intensity heavy rain events
  • Allows construction of steep slopes, with high UV resistance
  • Durable vegetation for long-term stability
  • Fast and straightforward installation with no memory effect