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Covertec cover with gas-tight lung

Short Summary

The standard silo cover with gas-tight lung is a gas-tight model incorporating a sheet „lung“ for the storage of gas produced by any type of organic substrate. The cover is clamped to the internal face of the silo to produce a gas-tight seal. With the premium-grade model, the gas-tight seal is positioned on the top edge of the container, thus allowing the cover to be removed even when the silo is full.

HUESKER INNOVATION „utility model“ patent pending DE 20 2013 105 656 U1


  • High-tech, fabric-reinforced PVC membranes with minimum weight of 900g per m2, outer face coated to reduce susceptibility to soiling

  • High tear resistance of 4,200 & 4,000 N per 5 cm, low gas permeability, high UV stability

  • Suitable for all steel and concrete silos on the market

  • Used in conjunction with HUESKER‘s Flexxovalve 1000W+ pressure safety device to provide reliable, gas-tight cover; approved by TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association)

  • Standard models allow use for up to +3.5 mbar positive pressure and -0.5 mbar negative pressure

  • Central column in hardwood or, if desired, stainless steel 

  • Tensioned by stainless-steel ratchets and high-tensile belts

  • Incl. gas-tight access openings available in various sizes

  • Customized, siet-specific structural calculation

  • 4-year warranty (VOB)

  • Expected service life of 15 years